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Drones are now being utilized in various ways.

Do you want to see what drones are capable of?

We will provide up-to-date drone maneuver techniques with the necessary safety tips to prevent any serious accidents. Our Advance course will cover Japan’s national qualification for drone license.

Our seminars are online courses to avoid close contact, though we will also offer in-person seminars at your request.

Our experienced instructor will stay at your side with an R/C system for safe hands-on courses.

Opening Special Campaign

We offer an opening special campaign

Cashback campaign (applies to the first 100 enrollments)
Payback 5,000yen for the 55,000yen courses
Payback 10,000yen for the 99,000yen courses

We will pay it back upon your graduation of the applicable course.
*Only applicable to the cashback campaign application.

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