Drone Flight Operator <Basic Course>

LectureOnline course
Hands-on seminarOne day
Instructor1 instructor per 4 students

If you are not sure where to learn drone operation,
take our DPCA certified DRONE flight operator lessons.
Reliable training results of over 6,000 graduates!

For beginners and those who want to acquire basic maneuvering skills. What you will in this course will comply with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Flight Manual 2-1 “Acquisition of Basic Maneuvering Skills.”
You will acquire a “skill certification” that can be used for the flight permit examination for the visual range flying during the day of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, once you pass the onsite skill certification test and have had 10 hours flight practice.

Recommended if you are looking to …
– learn from the basics
– efficiently learn the basics of drone operation
– obtain effective skill certification for flight applications
– Those who want to receive training safely in coach mode

Basic <BASIC course> Overview


2 days (1 day of online-learning + 1 day of onsite lesson)

Lecture / online-learning

* Lecture is now offered via “online-learning” to prevent from the spreading of COVID-19 infection.

Onsite lesson / 9: 00-17: 00

* The training time may vary slightly.
* Event In-sight during the day Course fee 55,000 yen including tax

Course topics

Daytime in-sight flights


55,000 yen with tax
* Includes textbook fee, aircraft usage fee, and insurance fee
* Re-examination fee is 11,000 yen with tax, which is not included in the original fee

Skill certification issuance fee

16,500 yen with tax


  • Must be 16 years old and over (16 to 17 years old requires parental consent)
  • Eye sight of 0.7 or more for both eyes and 0.3 or more for one eye (with glasses or contact lenses)
  • Be able to tell the difference among red, blue, and yellow colors
  • You can understand daily conversations
  • There is no physical disability that interferes with the drone operation
  • Can read and write and understand its contents

Number of participants

Minimum 2 people Maximum 8 people

Acquirable skill certification

Daytime in-sight flights, densely populated area, within 30m

Schedule calendar