Drone <Advance Course>

LectureOnline course
Onsite Lesson (Day 1)Based on Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Flight Manual 2-1 (daytime in-site flying)
Onsite lessons will take place indoors when raining
Onsite Lesson (Day 2)Based on Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Flight Manual 2-2 (Flight training for non-visual flight (level 4))
Instructor1 instructor per 4 students

Adopting an advanced curriculum far-seeing the national license system!

Our best deal!
DPCA certified Basic + Application DRONE flight operator course. Will issue skill certification posted on Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Civil Aviation Bureau website.
-Learn the knowledge and maneuvering skills necessary for drone operation from the basics-

This curriculum is standardized to train you at level 4* for non-visual flight, automatic navigation, side view, face-to-face flight, safe flight management, and photography method, to meet the far-seeing 2022 licensing. In addition, the management organization DPCA has concluded a drone-based disaster operation agreement with 36 local governments and government agencies, including the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, and more than 6,000 local government officials have completed the training as of April 1st, 2021. Among the many drone training courses that exist, the DRONE Flight Operator Training Course is a reliable and proven drone training course.

* “Out-of-sight flight in a manned area of an unmanned aerial vehicle, which the country aims to realize.

In addition, DPCA has prepared the online learning materials to offer a non-contact environment to cope with the COVID influence.

In online learning, 10 instructors will give easy-to-learn lectures via recorded videos on laws, rules, application methods, photography settings, safe operation management, operation methods, etc.

This online materials will allow you to access the learning materials at a convenient time from anywhere in the country.

Recommended if you are looking to …
– learn how to take photographs and videos with drones
– efficiently learn applied contents such as non-visual flight and automatic navigation
– receive training safely in coach mode
– learn how to operate a drone that can be used for work
– obtain skill certification (including non-visual flight)
– acquire maneuvering skills that can be utilized in the live field
– take high quality drone training at a decent price

In 2022, Drone maneuvering skills will become national qualifications!

From 2022, the government will start a system to carry out courses and field tests and certify the operator skills. It will categorize the qualifications according to, for example, the type of aircraft, non-visual flight, night flight, etc., and divide into “first-class qualifications,” allows to fly over third parties such as over the city centers, and “second-class qualifications,” allows any other flying. The government has announced that some or all of the exams will be exempted if you complete drone lessons of a registered private training institution. We can proudly say that our courses, which is managed and certified by one of the top-class training groups of DPCA, is qualified to be one of those institutions.

Why take our DRONE flight operators courses?

Our lessons are done in safe and controlled environment. We utilize the coach mode in the training, where the instructor with the own controller stands by the trainee throughout the lessons and allows the instructor to immediately avoid danger if the trainee has miss controlled the drone. Thus no worries even if you have never touched a drone before, our lessons are beginner friendly.

Implementing curriculum to meet on-site needs

In this workshop, you will learn the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Flight Manual 2-1 “Acquisition of Basic Maneuvering Skills” on the first day of practical skills and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Flight Manual 2-2 “Maneuvering Necessary to Carry Out Business” on the second day. You will also learn non-visual flight and night flight training on the second day and those who pass the test will be issued skill certificate effective for applying for non-visual flight and night flight to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

You can learn at a time you choose through online-learning!

If you are having a difficult time to make time, this is the best learning materials. Instructors in each specialized field will give easy-to-learn online lessons on such as the outline of the drone, laws and rules, radio waves and weather, shooting methods, etc. Our confirmation test will ensure that you have acquired necessary knowledge about drones and prove your proficiency. In addition, we will utilize the online-learning system and provide you with up-to-date information such as the latest legal information and license information.

You can also learn about the photography methods that are essential for operation!

We think one of the values of a drone is to collect information through photography. Our ease-to-learn photography lesson is based on our many years of experience on the fields, and will train you with tips and examples to take efficient photography and movies.

Basic + application <ADVANCE course> Overview


3 days (1 day of online-learning + 2 days of onsite lessons)

Lecture / online-learning

* Details will be provided to the applicant

Onsite lessons / 9:00 to 17:00

* Please note that the training time may change depending on the season.
* The training time may vary slightly.
* It is not necessary to take the course in a row. It is also possible to take classes every other week.
* If you were unable to pass the onsite lesson test on the first day, you will be required to re-take the test. (The re-take will be done on a different day)

Regarding online-learning
What used to be a classroom lecture is now offered via “online-learning” to prevent from the spreading of COVID-19 infection. For those who do not have an internet environment, we will consider using the conventional classroom lectures.

Course topics

Daytime in-sight, out-of-sight, night flight, figure eight, face-to-face / combination flights

* Flight time is included in the 10-hour flight history requirement for application of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


99,000 yen with tax
* Includes online-learning fee, aircraft usage fee, and insurance fee.
* Re-examination fee is 11,000 yen with tax, which is not included in the original fee.

Skill certification issuance fee

16,500 yen with tax


  • Must be 16 years old and over (16 to 17 years old requires parental consent)
  • Eye sight of 0.7 or more for both eyes and 0.3 or more for one eye (with glasses or contact lenses)
  • Be able to tell the difference among red, blue, and yellow colors
  • You can understand daily conversations
  • There is no physical disability that interferes with the drone operation
  • Can read and write and understand its contents

Number of participants

Minimum 2 people Maximum 8 people

Schedule calendar