Drone Flight Operator <Only for Advance Cource>

Onsite Lesson (Day 2)Based on Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Flight Manual 2-2
Instructor1 instructor per 4 students

Application <ADVANC only> Overview


1 day (1 day of onsite lesson)

* Please note that the training time may change depending on the season.
* The training time may vary slightly.

Course topics

Non-visual, night flight, figure eight, face-to-face / combination flights

* Flight time is included in the 10-hour flight history requirement for application of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


55,000 yen with tax
* Includes aircraft usage fee and insurance fee
* Re-examination fee is 11,000 yen with tax, which is not included in the original fee

Skill certification issuance fee

16,500 yen with tax


  • Must be 16 years old and over (16 to 17 years old requires parental consent)
  • Eye sight of 0.7 or more for both eyes and 0.3 or more for one eye (with glasses or contact lenses)
  • Be able to tell the difference among red, blue, and yellow colors
  • You can understand daily conversations
  • There is no physical disability that interferes with the drone operation
  • Can read and write and understand its contents

Number of participants

Minimum 2 people Maximum 8 people

Schedule calendar